What is powder coating technology and the advantages of powder coating?

As we all know, powder coating is one of the most developed technologies and is widely applied in many different categories such as: painting of household appliances, and marine and mechanical industries. … But few know exactly what powder coating technology is? And few people know the advantages that it brings.


Powder coating technology is a modern technology invented with the purpose of serving the needs of people and operating on the principle of electrostatic. This means that when the product is put into production, it will be done through different sequences, when sprayed, the object to be painted and the device will be charged in the opposite direction to create a high adhesion to help the product have Good oxidation resistance, and make the surface have accurate color and smooth gloss. Therefore, products when applied by electrostatic paint technology often have a very long life, can be applied to all products both indoors and outdoors.
Products that can use technology are usually those made from materials such as iron, steel, plastic, wood …

The outstanding advantages of technology
Economic advantages
When the product is sprayed with electrostatic paint technology, there is no need to use primer. And in the process of spraying paint if unsatisfactory, it can be easily cleaned and repainted. Especially if the paint powder does not adhere to the product, it can be easily recovered and reused.
– Advantages of using characteristics
Easy to clean when paint powder adheres to the body without the use of solvents or detergents to clean.
The coating process is fully automatic (using automatic electrostatic spray guns) so it is easy to use and does not take time.
Advantages of quality
Powder coating products usually have a long life, gloss and absolute smooth. Very good resistance to corrosion despite frequent exposure to the adverse effects from the weather. Powder coating color is also very fresh, rich and diverse.
In addition to the above advantages, powder coating also has many different advantages that are beneficial for both product consumers and manufacturing businesses. Hopefully the information about powder coating technology is, and the advantages of the technology will help you.