Powder coating technology – The optimal method of metal protection

Powder coating technology optimal method of metal protection
Currently there are many technological methods to protect the surface of the product, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the powder coating technology method is one of the most used methods. most followed by hot dip galvanizing. The information we provide below will help you better understand these two methods.
1. Electrostatic painting technology to protect metal products
Powder coating technology is one of the advanced methods and plays an important role in the manufacture of machinery, and electronic devices … This method uses a very environmentally friendly powder coating. , when used, it will be charged with a positive charge through a device called electrostatic spray gun in the paint system, and at the same time, the paint will also be charged a negative charge to create a cling effect. Stick to the maximum.

Powder coating technology optimal method of metal protection
The materials that can use powder coating are usually materials made from metals such as aluminum, zinc, magnesium, iron … Powder coating can be applied on many products with different sizes, from electrical equipment. components, interior equipment to exterior equipment. In order for the product to be 100% guaranteed, it is imperative that the product must be conducted according to the processes in the powder coating line. The process consists of 4 basic steps, namely: surface treatment, drying, spray painting and paint drying. With current technology, powder coating is always chosen and trusted by customers compared to conventional paints. Although the cost is a bit higher, but with a long time for each product using powder coating technology, it is very cheap.
2. Hot dip galvanizing technology
The reason why zinc is chosen to protect metal surfaces is because zinc helps to extend the life of a specific product:
– For the environment of air, sea, industrial gas, dip zinc protects the metal structure, helps reduce the corrosion process of objects.
– For transportation, it minimizes the level of scratches
Above are 2 methods of protecting metal surfaces. In general, each method has its own advantages, but separately, if analyzed carefully, powder coating is still the preferred method. Any questions you can contact us directly for answers. Our company specializes in consulting, designing, installing quality powder coating line and providing materials in the paint industry at competitive prices.