Powder coating technology – The optimal method of metal protection

Powder coating technology optimal method of metal protection Currently there are many technological methods to protect the surface of the product, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the powder coating technology method is one of the most used methods. most followed by hot dip galvanizing. The information we provide below will help […]

The method of checking the surface of powder coating

To day, we will introduce to you the method of testing the painted surface after the simplest processing of electrostatic painting. Giving you the best view of the quality of powder coating, a new technology in Vietnam. In the previous section, we also introduced briefly about the ways to check the surface of electrostatic paint […]

What is Robot Welding? Advantages of Robot Welding

Today, the demand for human tastes is increasing, the demand for quantity and quality of products is constantly increasing. That requires more and more modern production lines in industry and high levels of automation. Marking a breakthrough in the high development of automation, it is impossible not to mention welding robots. Welding robot In recent […]

The future of industrial robots

“In the global economy, manufacturers are increasingly using automation strategies in their factories to gain a competitive advantage,” said Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO, Universal Robots. . How to stay ahead and compete with manufacturers from other countries? That is the conundrum of manufacturers in the Asian economy and Southeast Asia. This is all the more […]