What is Robot Welding? Advantages of Robot Welding

Today, the demand for human tastes is increasing, the demand for quantity and quality of products is constantly increasing. That requires more and more modern production lines in industry and high levels of automation. Marking a breakthrough in the high development of automation, it is impossible not to mention welding robots.

Welding robot

In recent years the number of units using industrial welding robots has increased dramatically. Because when the automatic welding technology is put into production, it can increase productivity and increase the efficiency of investment costs.

The quality of gas metal arc welding (GMAW) also depends on maintaining the speed and length of the arc flow is always stable. The angle of the welding lamp and the position repetition also affect this process. While using the robot will keep the length of the arc accurate to each 0.1mm and the speed is stable. The six-axis for the robot holds the welding flame in almost all directions, also with additional equipment such as a tilt-swivel table and bracket that will ensure optimal welding positions.

The advantages of welding robot welding

A robot can weld faster than a human, because the welding lamp is always in the optimal direction and moves as quickly as possible. In addition, the welding cycle of the robot is always the same. This makes the welding process easier and the welding efficiency easier to calculate, so customers can receive the product on time.

The processing time is saved in a different way, Because the robotic welding is common; it is cleaner than human welds, so it has less to replace and clean. This saves extra time in the output cascade operation.


Consistent motion means consistent quality. With the welding lamp and the puzzle pieces in the same position and moving at the same speed, they will be welded the same way. The risk of deformation does not appear, and because the robot is not tired, the welding product will be the same from start to finish. Especially important, automation gives customers the trust of the integrity of each weld.

Consistent quality means no products are discarded due to poor welds. This is especially important in high value jobs, where there is no room in the budget for repair or rehabilitation. It also increases the level of assurance for the buyer when not having to worry about the skill or experience of the welder

Reduce costs

Due to the faster welding of robots, the use of fusing liquid, welding gas, and filler metals will be minimized. This really makes sense when welding large quantities over a long period of time.

Robot welding is very effective especially for longer production times than the time-programmed distribution of large numbers of pieces. A modern automated welding cell can even run unattended during breaks, night shift and weekends, further reducing costs by increasing performance.